ASU Healthcare Data Analysis & Readmission Rates Project Nursing Assignment Help

This week we will analyze organizational performance data that is provided by the federal government.  You will use Value-Based Purchasing data available from  The assignment for this unit is to interpret and present data.  Then you will create a new report on and add it to your spreadsheet data.

From the Readings and Resources link, select a spreadsheet with data for several health organizations in one of the states listed below.

  • Illinois
  • California
  • Iowa
  • Texas
  • New York
  1. Table 1: Interpret the readmissions data in the spreadsheet and present it by creating Table 1. Compare the hospital data against benchmarks to look for high or low values. Your table must include:
    1. Benchmarks (Note: benchmarks for national average and Top 10% appear in the Table 1 example. These are available from
    2. Column headers
    3. Highlight of high or low values (compared to benchmarks – as illustrated in the example)

Table 1 Example:

  1. Table 2: Interpret the Patient Experience (HCAHPS) data in the spreadsheet and present it by creating Table 2. Compare hospital data against benchmarks to look for high or low values. Your table must include:
    1. Benchmarks
    2. Column headers
    3. Highlight of high or low values (compared to benchmarks)
  2. For the final part of this assignment, you will create a report in and download it to add to your spreadsheet data. Go to
  3. Watch the videos that demo use of WhyNotTheBest resources on YouTube. – Demo – How to Use Filters on Save, Share, Download Reports on
  4. Create a “Hospital Compare” new report that includes all of the hospitals in your spreadsheet. Choose some additional data that is not already included in your spreadsheet that you find to be interesting or that indicates that an organization has more work to do in improving a particular area (Ex: overall quality, infections, patient safety indicators). Use this data to create your Table 3 deliverable. (Note: Table 3 should look similar to tables 1 and 2.) Be sure to include:
  5. Benchmarks,
  6. Column headers,
  7. Highlight of high or low values (compared to benchmark

The image below shows a drop down list of data available to add to your new report.

  1. Now that you have interpreted the data on hospitals in your spreadsheet, choose one of those hospitals and do some research to learn more about them from their website. Review strategic plans, marketing information and any other information that provides some insight into their overall focus and strategic priorities. Compare this with the data you have about the hospital from Write a Short summary of your conclusions on how the data aligns with the information you have found about the organizational strategic direction.
  2. Discussion: Provide a substantive comment on 2 other student assignments. (ex: evaluate how they approached their tables, critical examination of the data included in table 3, questions raised) 

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