hello, please see below, please see if this can be completed. You will need to access the bloomberg terminalDirectionsHi,


please see below,

please see if this can be completed. You will need to access the bloomberg terminal


Hi, welcome to the Bloomberg assignments.

In the next tabs, you will find the information necessary to complete your assignments in panels of this color.

In Blackboard, you will also find documents and videos guiding you through the data collection process.

And you will find panels in this color where you can record your answers.

Do your best to address every question. You must both record the data you retrieve from Bloomberg and comment on their values.

Once your work is done, save the file using this naming convention before submitting your work.

LastName_FirstName – Section #.xlsx

Yield Curves and Credit Spreads

Bond TypeBond Type

In Bloomberg, go to the GC function and graph the yield curves for the following classes of bonds:

1. U.S. Treasuries – Curve I25
2. U.S. Corporate bonds with A credit rating – Curve BS74
3. U.S. Corporate bonds with BBB credit rating – Curve BS75
4. U.S. Corporate bonds with BB credit rating – Curve BS193
5. U.S. Corporate bonds with B credit rating – Curve BS195

Take a screenshot from Bloomberg and paste it in the space below then scroll down for further questions.

Select two bond types out of the five you graphed above (Treasuries, A, BBB, BB and B bonds).

For each of these selected types, calculate the price of an annual pay bond with a Face Value of $1,000, a coupon of 3%, and a time to maturity of 10 years. You need to use the information from the chart to find the appropriate yield to maturity to use for these two bonds.

Provide your inputs for the price calculation in the cells in the table below.

In the green box underneath, comment on the two prices you have found. In particular, explain how and why they are different.

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