5.4 Assignment: Journal – The Curiosity ConversationGetting Started This journal entry is an extension of the previous

5.4 Assignment: Journal – The Curiosity Conversation

Getting Started

This journal entry is an extension of the previous assignment in 5.3, where you summarized the findings of your curiosity conversation with a pastor or counselor. This assignment goes beyond just reporting the details of the conversation to a personal integration of that conversation and how it specifically relates to your own career aspirations in light of your chosen specialization (positive psychology or industrial/organizational psychology).

You will reflect on whether the curiosity conversation generated enthusiasm for future work in this field, and if so, how. The assignment asks you to envision the type of work that seems appealing within your area of specialty. You will also comment on whether any of the insights gained from the conversation could be incorporated into your final capstone project.

Doing the hard work now of filing off some rough edges in your quest for career clarity also gives you the opportunity to use course materials and assignments, like the capstone project, to further your knowledge base for the type of work you want to do. Try to look beyond simply “completing the assignment” to using the assignment to your optimal advantage for discovering the exciting work that is ahead.

Upon successful completion of the course material, you will be able to:

· Assess the fitness of the chosen area of specialization with your character strength profile.


· Textbook: 
Modern Psychopathologies: A Comprehensive Christian Appraisal

Background Information

You will add this as a new journal entry to the Personal Reflection Journal you began in PSY-520.


1. Read Chapter 14, “Problems Involving Addiction,” in your textbook.

2. Open your ongoing Personal Reflection Journal that you have saved in a Word document.

a. Title this new journal entry “PSY-540 5.4 Curiosity Conversation, 
<Day, Month Year>.”

3. As you write your journal during this session, respond to the following prompts:

a. Did the interaction with the pastor or counselor generate more interest in you for working in the field of psychology and people helping? Explain.

b. What aspects of either positive psychology or industrial/organizations psychology do you find most interesting and motivating?

c. Based on what you currently know about your chosen area, what type of work could you see yourself doing?

d. Which of the character strengths from the profile you completed in Workshop Three seem most in line with this type of work?

i. How might you practically use those strengths?

e. How do you see these insights being integrated or used in your final capstone project? Be specific.

4. Your entry should be at least four substantive paragraphs.




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