Assemble a 3-5 page tool kit for the implementation of bioinformatics in an organization or practice setting. Then, provide a one-page executive

Assemble a 3-5 page tool kit for the implementation of bioinformatics in an organization or practice setting. Then, provide a one-page executive summary describing a specific instance of how bioinformatics might be implemented under the tool kit policies and guidelines.

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This assessment focuses on how leaders create structure, guidance, and clarity when faced with adversity and choice for health care delivery. Best practices are important for helping organizations to assess, monitor, and use bioinformatics to enhance outcomes for patient care. Bioinformatics best practices are disseminated through the use of policy, guidelines, and practical recommendations. Using these tools leads to organized, collaborative, and accountable decision making.

Tool Kit

Use the professional literature, the Internet, and any other resources you locate, to assemble a tool kit for implementing bioinformatics in an organization. Your tool kit should include:

· An evidence-based policy that explains what is to be done and why.

· Guidelines detailing how to apply the policy in practice.

· Practical recommendations to assist in implementing the use of bioinformatics.

· How to how educate stakeholders on this new practice.

· When to monitor data to evaluate outcomes on the use of the policy.

· An in-depth look at a specific example of bioinformatics, demonstrating how the policy, guidelines and recommendations will result in quality outcomes with care delivery.

· Include data in the form of actual data tables to demonstrate the responsible and accountable use of data in practice.

Support your policy, guidelines, and recommendations with references that speak to the legal and ethical ramifications of data use in bioinformatics and the implications for responsible and accountable use of data in practice.

Executive Summary

Using a specific example, write a one-page executive summary for administration to explain how the policy, guidelines, and recommendations will govern the use of bioinformatics in the organization or practice setting.

Additional Requirements

Tool Kit:

Length: 3-5 pages.

Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

Reference: 5-7 scholarly sources. Additional references may be used.

Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

APA formatting: Format your tool kit using APA style. Use the 

APA Style Paper Template [DOCX]
 to format your tool kit. Be sure to include the following:

· Appropriate section headings.

· A running head on all pages.

· A title page and references page.

Executive Summary:

Length of Executive Summary: 250 words.

Competencies Measured

By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:

· Competency 1: Apply data management techniques to decision making in nursing practice.

· Evaluate evidence-based policy, guidelines, and practical recommendations for the implementation of bioinformatics in an organization or practice setting.

· Apply a specific example of an implementation of bioinformatics to inform and plan for quality outcomes with care delivery.

· Competency 3: Articulate strategies for querying and generating reports from health information system databases.

· Analyze the legal and ethical ramification of using bioinformatics in practice.

· Incorporate responsible and accountable use of data with bioinformatics.

· Competency 6: Communicate as a practitioner-scholar, consistent with the expectations of a nursing professional.

· Compose an executive summary that is professionally written and explains the policy, guidelines, and implementation recommendations in the context of a specific organizational example.

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