See attached 1. unit III 2. unit 4Skills-Motivation MatrixS k illsH igh 1 3L ow 2 4Low HighMotivation(1= high

See attached

1. unit III

2. unit 4

Skills-Motivation Matrix





1 3



2 4

Low High


(1= high skills, low motivation; 2= low skills, low motivation; 3 = high skills, high motivation,
4 = low skills, high motivation)


You have been recently promoted to lead a new division of Company XYZ. This company is
known for its team-oriented atmosphere, and your boss has raved about some of your natural
leadership qualities. Your first task is to assemble the best team possible from the potential
candidates listed below. An explanation of the skills–motivation matrix can be found on p. 39 in
your textbook. Read each description, and provide the following information in a two- to three-
page document:

1. Classify each team member into one of the four matrix areas.
2. Discuss the recommended action for each employee depending on his/her classification.
3. Distinguish if your role as the leader will be a facilitator, coach, or a combination of the

4. Examine which team competencies would benefit from shared leadership.

Candidate Description

Alice Alice has been a great asset since joining Company XYZ. She is
responsible for improving some of the old processes and is involved in
many training initiatives due to her extensive knowledge and skills. Alice
consistently provides great results and strives to do her best.

Bill Bill has shown that he will do whatever it takes to contribute to the team,
and he often goes the extra mile when given a task. However, the result is
not always up to par due to some lagging skills.

Chris Chris has not displayed much drive, and his skills have been questioned by
other members of Company XYZ. Although other team members have
questioned his skills, he gets along well with everyone.

Doug Doug is a member of three committees and is always eager to learn. He
has only been with the company for a year, and he believed that joining a
few committees would give him a chance to learn more. He has shown
some improvement, but he could use more training in some key areas.

Erica Erica has displayed that she has what it takes to contribute to the team, but
her results have declined lately. Her skills have never been questioned by
anyone, but her willingness to perform at a high level has been questioned.

Lisa Lisa is one of Company XYZ’s top performers, and many employees view
her as a natural leader. She is always willing to learn a new task and
usually masters the task in a very short period.

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