INSTRUCTIONS ATTACHEDOnline Trading Simulation Account Set-Up  Set up your online trading account through your instructors’


Online Trading Simulation Account Set-Up 

Set up your online trading account through your instructors’ link. Please submit at least 3 online trades in your account this week. These trades will need to take place before the market closes on the last business day of this week. 

You will get credit for each trade you place. You will get credit for up to 3 trades. You may do more than 3 trades, however you will only receive credit for the first three. You will utilize this online trading account throughout the semester to create a virtual portfolio and discuss the results throughout the course. Please contact your instructor ASAP if you are having trouble accessing the online account. You will need to sign into Market Watch and create a username and password for the game. Please remember that your user name will be visible to all users, so please pick accordingly. Your instructor should post a link below for this component of the course to set up your online account. 15 Points (3 Trades @ 5 Points Each)

Investment Portfolio Reflection Papers # 1 & 2 and Trading Simulation

The purpose of using Virtual Stock Exchange is to give you a better understanding of trading strategies and portfolio management. You will also learn a variety of financial instruments and their risks and rewards as they apply to asset management. This week you are to write a 1 page reflection on your investment portfolio. 30 Points Each.

· Discuss how you chose your investments this week and last week. (5 Points)

· Which positions exceeded your expectations? (5 Points)  

· Which positions underperformed for you? (5 Points)

· What conditions/factors do you believe caused this performance for your portfolio? (10 Points)

· Please use APA formatting (5 Points).

Sources that you may find to be particularly valuable for your research include:

· MarketWatch:

to an external site.

Exchange Trading Maynor

[email protected]

password- 1Storm87

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