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Below is your Midterm Disciplinary Literacy Toolkit . This feedback indicates a completion of the project at this point and allows you the opportunity to edit this section for the Final Toolkit entry: 1) Each category includes 2 strategies for each category and categories are labeled 2) Strategies: Strategies are well described with steps to explain how to use in the classroom AND are connected to increasing learning AND literacy skills. Strategies are connected to resources , visuals and links to videos and/or websites 3) Strategies are are illustrated through examples of how to apply in your field or classroom or future classroom. 4) If you have not started on the reflection, this will be a very important part of the final. Make sure the final reflection uses resources and articles from the assigned modules to discuss how disciplinary strategies will improve learning and literacy skills and create more successful learners. You are not a teacher cert candidate. You are not required to write a lesson plan , and it must be on the required lesson plan format. You need to label the categories, add visuals, This needs to be reorganized in good format. See examples.

in the files is what needs to be completed, the reflection as well as the teacher feedback. if you have problems with the link to the examples please let me know. 


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