Please don’t use AI to complete my assignment and complete my assignments using the info I send you. I send the assignment in chronological order so you

Please don’t use AI to complete my assignment and complete my assignments using the info I send you. I send the assignment in chronological order so you won’t get confuse. start with assignment 1 then 2 and 3 

name :Esteban tankou Kevin 

school: university of texas at Tyler 

date: April 9th 2024

degree: Finance 

assignment 1

Workshop: Discourse Communities 3030 unread replies.3131 replies.

For this discussion board, you should have read Dan Melzer’s article, “Understanding Discourse Communities.” Download Dan Melzer’s article, “Understanding Discourse Communities.”  For this discussion board, I want you to evaluate your experiences with discourse communities in your own words (meaning, not using ChatGTP or another AI based platform): 

What is a discourse community? Define it in your own words. 

What discourse communities have you encountered as a first-year college student? Are the different core courses you have taken examples of discourse communities? What have you noticed about the differences in conventions or expectations among your core courses? 

Can you think of any examples outside of college of discourse communities? 

Further, I want you to identify what you find difficult or hard to understand about Melzer’s definition of discourse communities. Is there anything you are still confused about and need clarification from a classmate or myself? 

Finally, why am I making you learn this concept? What does it have to do with Learning Unit #3: Study of a Professional Community? Can you draw connections from the assignment sheet and the terminology of discourse communities? 

Your primary post is due Thursday, March 21st at 11:59 PM and your Value Added Comments are due Sunday, March 24th at 11:59 PM. Remember, you can only earn up to 50% for this discussion board if you do not post your Value-Added Comments (Peer reponses). Each comment should be 250 words and add substance and insight to the discussion. 

Assignments 2

study of a professional community proposal

In this building block, you will begin by establishing the purpose of your study, your research questions, and the context of your website. This assignment asks you to address the following:

1. State your purpose for conducting the study

2. Establish the context of the study, including a description of the course and its aims

3. Describe some background information: what is your major, why do you wish to pursue that major, and what you hope to do in your career

4. Summarize the website and offer some general information about the site

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assignment 3 

You should upload a complete draft to this BB. I will give you feedback on your study. Remember to also submit your draft and peer review to the SPC Workshop Discussion Board. The earlier you can submit a draft, the more time you will have to revise. Please make sure you offer constructive feedback in the form of a letter addressing the components of the assignment: Introduction, Method, Results, and Discussion. Has your partner gathered enough data to determine the community’s values and priorities? Have they drawn logical conclusions from the data they have collected? Be sure to offer them feedback that will benefit their draft.

Use the following information/checklist while working on your draft, in conjunction with the Learning Unit #3 Map.  

Conducting and Writing Up the Study

We will conduct and write up the study sequentially.


State the purpose, establish the context, provide background information, and explain the scope/map of the study.

  • Purpose: “Per the assignment prompt, the purpose of this study is to . . . .” (paraphrase the purpose of the assignment)
  • Context: The write-up is for a first-semester First-Year writing course at UTT (you will need to provide and cite information to contextualize UTT)
  • Background Information: Briefly discuss what your major is, why you want to pursue that major, and what you hope to do in your career—use this information to explain your choice of a professional community for the study
  • Scope and Map: What the write-up covers in the order information is presented


You should provide enough details in this section so that someone could pull up the website and redo your data collection. To write this section, revisit the Methods section of the Analytical Checklist from LU #2.

Research Question #1: What Are the Community’s Values and Priorities?

Read the following pages on the website:

  • About Page: This page contains the organization’s mission statement, explains what the organization does, and may discuss what the organization values
  • Membership Page: This page gives the qualities, requirements, and benefits to becoming a member of the organization
  • Resources: This page is a curated list of resources that are valuable to members
  • Conferences and Events: This page is a list of events held by the community to present research, to network, and for continuing education
  • Other Pages: Look for other pages that might be useful in determining the organization’s values and priorities

As you read these pages, identify key and/or repeated words and phrases that seem to reflect the values and priorities of the organization. These words and phrases are your data for Research Question #1. Use Table One (below) to record your data. For now, do not fill in the “Value/Priority” column as looking at one page on the website is not sufficient to determine values and priorities. Nor is looking at several pages in isolation.

After you have collected data from several pages on the website, analyze your data to determine the values and priorities of the organization. To do so, take a step back and think about your data as a whole. As a whole, what values and priorities does your data reflect? To make that determination, rereading the pages that you collected data from will be helpful. As you work through this process, fill in the “Value/Priority” column in Table One.

Research Question #2: What Genres and Circulation Modes Does the Community Use?

Scour the website to locate the genres and modes used by the community to circulate information. Use Table Two to record your findings.

Research Question #3: What Audiences Does the Community Communicate With?

Determine who the audiences are for the genres used by the community. Use Table Two to record your findings.


In this section, present your findings. To write this section, revisit the Results and Discussion section of the Analytical Checklist from LU #2 and draw on the summary skills your developed in LU #1.

Research Question #1

Table One: (Name of the Organization) Values & Priorities

Location (Page)

Word or Phrase






Research in the Teaching of English

Research Questions #2 & #3

Table Two: (Name of the Organization) Genres & Audiences


Circulation Mode



In this section, discuss the significance of your findings. To write this section, revisit the Results and Discussion and Conclusion sections of the Analytical Checklist from LU#2.

You will not have prior studies to draw on to discuss the significance of your findings. Instead, discuss the following:

  • What did you learn about your field from your study?
  • What do you think, based on your study, it will take to write effectively in classes in your field?
  • To what extent did the writing that you did in high school prepared you to write effectively in classes in your field?
  • What knowledge and skills from LU #1 and #2 can you draw on to write effectively in classes in your field?

For “suggestions for future research,” discuss areas that you will need to work on to write effectively in classes in your field.

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