Please see attachment Deborah S. FlippensCOM200-Interpersonal Communication

Please see attachment

Deborah S. Flippens

COM200-Interpersonal Communication



Each of the case studies provided is authored by scholars who have conducted research in that specific subject area covered in the case study and within the field of interpersonal communication. The analysis and discussion of case studies along with lab exercises are integral in learning and experiencing foundational tenets of interpersonal communication; and would occur in face-to-face classes. Through case studies, we have the opportunity to examine relational communication scenarios, based upon actual lived experiences, by attempting to determine who the participants are or members of the case study, what are the communicative practices, and what are the relational attributes. We can then apply acquired knowledge gained in this course, to date, by implementing key concepts and theories to analyze the case study and answer a specific question associated with the case study. Importantly, from the examination of the case study, we have information that can also be applied to our lived experiences that we may encounter at some point in our lives.


The Written Abstract

1. Closely review the guidelines and requirements, as that is the key to success with the Case Study and all assignments. Too often, provided instructional information is not carefully read, and the outcome is that the student does not successfully meet the assignment expectations. It is not about ability, but rather close attention to the details.

2. DO NOT provide a review of all details of the study. Do not recite the case study. Engage in higher-level thinking to express your findings.

3. Closely read the case study you have selected to analyze.

4. Apply key concepts from the textbook and keywords from the case study.

5. Each case study will have its own keywords and questions.

6. Select a case study to examine.

7. Questions are provided at the end of the case study.

8. Select one question to solidly address. Use examples from the case study to support your viewpoints written in the abstract.

9. Write a well-planned, organized, and effectively written two-page abstract delineating your understanding of what has occurred in the study, address what key concepts, to date apply, what has been learned; and how this learning can be applied to daily communication practices. There is no room for fillers or non-essential information is this assignment.

10. Twelve-pitch font, two-page, single-spaced. See the grading standards for other papers in this course.

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