Please help with assignment Review:  In addition to the summarizing the table for the results, table, please provide a synthesis of the

Please help with assignment 

In addition to the summarizing the table for the results, table, please provide a synthesis of the literature and draw conclusions about the area you are examining. What is the answer to your research question, what limitations did you experience (no access to several important articles due to a fire wall; some populations under-studied, etc.), and what research do you recommend for future studies based on what is still missing in the literature?

Template for review projects:

Include all information from your selected articles. Use the “sort” function in MS excel to organize them by outcome type (e. g., non-significant findings; effective treatment/ineffective treatment, etc.). Please use excel to enter your article information and use standardized language (e.g., study shows positive correlation between variables; study shows negative correlation between variables) so you can sort and then count how many studies found evidence in favor of your research question).

If you are mostly done with results, please begin a thoughtful outline of your discussion including these required sections:

Summary (re-state research question, and why it is important, remind reader what you found),

Implications (most important part – what do your results mean and why do we care? See rubric and link to literature in your intro or new references),

Limitations –  For students with reviews, include inaccessible articles or English-only journals that leave many out (for example. Be creative), and

Future Research (this should address your limitations but also move us forward to address new questions or attempt to create a link between your findings and other areas of psych). Getting close to the end!!


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