Module 1 Discussion  Background Details  To develop and complete the Module 1 Discussion, you will need to review all readings

Module 1 Discussion


Background Details 

To develop and complete the Module 1 Discussion, you will need to review all readings assigned for Module 1; and watch the assigned Ted Talk videos in Module 1. Next, consider the eight characteristics of Principle Centered Leadership (PCL) in Covey (1991) alongside the Copeland (2014) literature review (see attachment)  that presents leadership theories, definitions, and styles. Also think about the role that PCL (Covey, 1991) plays in Value Based Leadership (VBL), per Copeland (2014) towards conceptualizing and synthesizing your perceptions and understandings of Module 1: Leadership definitions and characteristics. 


· Discuss your professional and/or personal experiences in which both PCL characteristics and VBL constructs were demonstrated. 

· Select any VBL construct, aspect, or dimension from the Copeland (2014) article (See Attachment), and at least four PCL characteristics in Covey (1991) to develop your post.

· Discusses your personal and/or professional experiences in which PCL and VBL were demonstrated.

*Note: The Module 1 Ted Talk provides views of PCL and VBL in action (e.g., behavioral); and also provides opportunities for you to think about your personal or professional experiences  for sharing purposes to demonstrate your understandings of Module 1 topics: Leadership definitions and characteristics.


1. Connect your professional and/or personal experiences to at least three PCL characteristics in Covey, 1991) and to one VBL construct.

2. Discuss and elaborate on connections between your experiences that involved Principle-Centered Leadership (PCL) (Covey, 1991) and Value Based Leadership (VBL) (Copeland, 2014).

3. Choose at least three PCL characteristics from Covey (1991) and one construct of VBL from Copland (1991), for framing and supporting your post that provides insight into your personal and/or professional experiences that involved PCL and VBL.

Organization and Structure

· Categorize and label each section of your post with headers to demonstrate the specific characteristic of Principle-Centered Leadership (PCL) and the construct of VBL you selected for discussion.

· Follow APA style for citing your work.

· Use Headers to categorize the four (4) sections of your first responsive post.  An APA Header Example follows.

Header Example: Service Oriented

Explanation Note: Service Oriented identifies 1 of 8 PCL characteristics described in Covey (1991). This particular header  categorizes a section of work that discusses service oriented leadership attributes.

Header Example: Authentic 

Explanation Note:  Authentic references one of three VBL constructs. This Header (e.g., Authentic) serves to categorize  information discussed within a body of work that focuses on authentic leadership attributes. 

Discussion Board Requirements

1. Discussions require a minimum of three (3) posts.

2. The first post responds to the Discussion Board Prompt and/or Question.

3. Second and third responsive post requires reading, reflect, and responding to classmates’ posts.

4. A grading rubric is provided that demonstrates maximum and minimum criteria for Discussion Board Grades. 

 Discussion Board Timeline Details ( See Getting Started Module) 

Discussion boards will open on Sunday at 7am (EST). It is expected for you to post your first response to the discussion board on Tuesday. Flexibility to complete your first post, however, is provided through Wednesday. This means that all first posts must be completed by Wednesday. Next, you will need to respond to 2-classmates posts. Respond to your classmates’ posts on Tuesday, and/or Wednesday, and/or Thursday. Flexibility to complete responsive posts to classmates’ is provided through Friday. Discussion boards close on Saturdays at 10pm. Weekly Discussion Boards open on Sundays by 7am (EST).

Table 1. Example of Discussion Board Timeline








Discussion Opens 7am (EST)

Complete Your First Post 

Remaining Window of Opportunity to Complete Your First Post


Respond to Classmates’ Post

Respond to Classmates’ Post

Respond to Classmates’ Post

Remaining Window of Opportunity to Respond to Classmates’ Post

Discussion Window Closes 10pm (EST).


The Emerging Significance of Value Based Leadership (Copeland, 2014).

The Copeland (2014) literature review follows for easy views. I encourage you to download and print it for annotating purposes.

Literature Review_L.Styles & Value-B-Leadership-1.pdf 

Download Literature Review_L.Styles & Value-B-Leadership-1.pdf 





Literature Review_L.Styles & Value-B-Leadership.pdf

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