Week 1: Identify articles & use APA referencingIdentify and cite 3 articles that you will be using in Assignment 1. Need this

Week 1: Identify articles & use APA referencing

Identify and cite 3 articles that you will be using in Assignment 1.

Need this ASAP

· Remember to use APA formatting.

· Provide an overview of each reference cited.


# 1

Van de Walle, J., Lovin, L., Karp, K., & Bay-Williams, J. (2018). 
Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics: Developmentally Appropriate Instructions for Grades PreK-2. Pearson.

Overiew: This book describes several activities that may be used to develop student conceptual and procedural understanding. Chapter 10 provides hands-on instructional strategies. In terms of my review, I like the presence of the Book Nook. It provides easy access to suitable reading materials for all elementary students. 

This is assignment 1


 The purpose of this assignment is to increase one’s knowledge base, add to one’s repertoire of best instructional strategies, and increase one’s skills of reflection and problem solving through research and reading on topics that are current, controversial, or significant in the teaching and learning of mathematics. 

This assignment provides an opportunity for identifying and evaluating current research in the area of mathematics.

You will need to:

1. Select a topic or issue from those introduced in the textbook or class 

Topics or issues to be considered include the following:

· teaching mathematical concepts using a variety of methods;

· methods for assessing ESOL/LEP/ESE achievement in mathematics;

· grouping and individualized mathematics instruction;

· readiness and other developmental factors in mathematics learning;

· analysis of methods for teaching mathematical concepts, such as numeration, estimation, measurement, and spatial relationships or mathematical processes, such as problem solving and communication. 


2. Select and read 

a minimum of three articles from journals

focusing on the teaching of Mathematics in the elementary/middle school settin
g, (e.g. 
Teaching Children Mathematics, Mathematics Teacher, etc

3. Write a five-page critique of the articles.

The critique should be typed and double spaced and include the following information:

1. A general review and summary of the articles’ content.

· Brief summary of the articles;

· Statement of the authors’ positions on the topic;

2.  Your personal reaction to the information that has been summarized with specific attention to synthesizing the ideas found in the research with course concepts and personal background experiences

· Statement of your personal position/perspective on the topic;

· Your personal assessment of the selected articles as to their significance and relevance to the selected topic or issue (why were these articles selected?);

3. Applying the theoretical knowledge in a practical classroom setting:

· Specific suggestions for using the research contained in the articles with elementary students in a classroom setting.

· Specific suggestions for using the research contained in the articles with students at different stages of cognitive development and ESOL/LEP/ESE in a classroom setting.

Remember, an essay has 3 main parts: Introduction, Main Body, and the Conclusion, the latter is followed by your references ( a minimum
 of three references on the selected topic).

Pay attention to APA formatting and  Plagiarism/copyright issues.

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