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Operations Management
Manages the process of converting or transforming or resources into goods or services

Operations manager
A manager who manages the systems that convert resources into goods and services

Planning, scheduling and supply chain management for a business is considered: Accounting management
Inventory management     Operations management

Operations management for a business includes: Research, advertising, media Recruitment, hiring, training PreviousNext
Planning, scheduling and supply chain management

The overall role of an operations manager is to: Control quality
Schedule deliveries
Convert inputs (raw materials) into outputs (goods or services)

The job of operations management consists of all of the activities involved in: Creating deal structures for customers to buy your product Marketing to end customers    Coordinating efforts, tasks, and resources

Operations managers are responsible for: Strategic planning and board relationships Finance and Human Resources
Cutting activities that don’t add value to a finished product

Crowd control, vehicle dispatch, and purchase of supplies are necessary in: Manufacturing operations management
Financial operations management
Services Industry operations management

Services industry operations management includes: Parts scheduling and delivery Advertising and promotion
Event staffing and security, supplies purchase, and safety of guests

Project-based production
one-of-a-kind production in which only one unit is manufactured at a time

Batch production
a method used to produce similar items in groups, stage by stage

Mass production
is used by companies that need to create standardized products in large quantities as economically as possible

continuous-flow production 
a manufacturing operation that produces goods at a continuous, rather than discrete, rate 

Mass produced products are: Unique Cheap    Standardized

A steel manufacturing plant never allows its blast furnaces to stop or cool down. What type of manufacturing process is being used? Mass Manufacturing
Batch Production     Flow or continuous Production

An example of Flow or Continuous Production is Automotive Manufacturing Yacht Manufacturing
Steel Manufacturing

You are the operations manager for a custom yacht company. Which is a true statement?
You must stay in close communication with the customer to assure his needs are addressed

Which method of production describes the process of inputs going through stages of production until finished? Project-Based Production Mass production
Batch Production

Batch Production: Custom homes Makes one product at a time.
Moves inputs through stages of production until finished

Which method of production describes the process of one unit manufactured at a time. Batch Production Mass production
Project-Based Production

Data warehousing 
is the electronic storage of a large amount of data by a business.

Data sharing 
is the ability to share the same data resource with multiple applications or users

A collection of facts is: Speculation Information     Data

Facts about the weight of a finished product are recorded and stored as part of the production process. This is an example of: An ERP System
Data collection

Delivery times, costs and shortages are collected and stored as part of Supplier management. This is an example of: Cost reduction An MRP system
PreviousNext   Data

An assessment or understanding is the definition of: Data    Information

The electronic storage of vast amounts of data is: The Cloud Data mining
Data warehousing

Data sharing is: The transportation of goods and services to consumers The electronic storage of large amounts of data
The ability to use the same data resource with multiple applications or users

Which of the following are important for data warehousing? Predicting outcomes Padlocked storage facilities PreviousNext

Security and reliability

Process Layout
Facilities arranged around the process; used in facilities that create or process a variety of products.

Product Layout

layout that uses standardized processing operations to achieve smooth, rapid, high volume flow

Cellular Layout
a lean method of producing similar products using cells, or groups of team members, workstations, or equipment, to facilitate operations by eliminating set-up and unnecessary costs between operations

fixed-position layout 
The layout used when the product cannot be moved during production.

Material-Requirements Planning (MRP)
a production planning, scheduling, and inventory control system used to manage manufacturing processes. Most MRP systems are software-based, but it is possible to do MRP by hand, as well

Just-in-Time (JIT) Manufacturing
strategy that companies employ to increase efficiency and decrease waste by receiving goods only when they are needed in the production process, thereby reducing inventory costs

Gantt charts
Planning charts used to schedule resources and allocate time.

program evaluation and review technique

Critical Path Method (CPM)
is a step-by-step technique for process planning that identifies critical and noncritical tasks in order to prevent time-frame problems and process bottlenecks

Of all the pieces of the planning puzzle, the ________ is the most strategic and critical.    facility location

The facility location is the most strategic and critical part of the: overall project company
PreviousNext      planning process

Materials-requirements planning (MRP) is a production planning, scheduling and inventory control system used to manage manufacturing processes. ________ MRP systems are software-based.
none all         most

Walmart uses their point-of-sale system to track the sale of items and then replenish the items automatically through: Material-requirements planning (MRP) Product layout    Just-in-time (JIT) inventory control

A high volume of goods is produced efficiently by people, equipment or departments arranged in an assembly line when using which layout? cellular layout    Product layout

A ________ is a high volume of good which are produced efficiently by people, equipment or departments and arranged in an assembly line. process layout
cellular layout PreviousNext product layout

A ________ chart is useful when the production process is fairly simple and the activities aren’t interrelated. PERT PIE    Gantt

Computer Aided Design (CAD)
use of computers in design of products

Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
use of computers in manufacturing of products

Computer-Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
manufacturing approach that uses computers to control the entire production process

flexible manufacturing system (FMS)
System in which computer-controlled equipment is programmed to handle materials used in manufacturing

Machine flexibility
–General purpose machines and equipment staffed by cross-trained workers provide the ability to produce different types of products

Routing flexibility
the system has multiple machines that can perform the same operation on a part, or the system can absorb large-scale changes in volume, capacity, or capability.

3D Printing (additive manufacturing)
objects are manufactured through the deposition of successive layers of material

Using computer-aided design allows: different materials to be used to manufacture prototypes
testing of a product concept manually before prototyping
designers to view the product from all angles

The software system that determines the steps needed to produce a component and instructs the machines that do the work is called ________. computer-created manufacturing (CCM) computer-aided design (CAD)
computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)

________ is the software system that determines the steps needed to produce a component and instructs the machines that do the work. Computer-created manufacturing (CCM) Computer-aided design (CAD)
Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)

________ is a form of computer-aided production that builds a three-dimensional object by adding layers of material, one upon the other until an object is created. 3 flexible manufacturing 2D printing
3D printing

The software used to design models of potential products is called ________. computer-created design (CCD)
computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
computer-aided design (CAD)

Computer-aided design is a software used to: control the entire production process speed the production process
PreviousNext    design models of potential products

Supply Chain Management (SCM)
The management of information flows between an among activities in a supply chain to maximize total supply chain effectiveness and corporate profitability.

Inbound Logistics
acquires raw materials and resources and distributes to manufacturing as required

Outbound Logistics
Associated with collecting, storing, and distributing the product or service to buyers.

Supply chain management involves: work-in-process inventory

Supply chain management involves: unfinished goods from point of origin to point of consumption advertising products and services PreviousNext
all movement and storage of raw materials

Most supply chains have elements in common, such as the following: inbound logistics outbound logistics
customers, planning, purchasing, inventory, production & transportation

Customers, planning, purchasing, inventory, production and transportation are the elements that most ________ have in common. outbound logistics inbound logistics
PreviousNext    supply chains

Supply-chain activities must be well coordinated in order to achieve the lowest total logistics cost. If only one of the activities is optimized, ________ may increase the total cost. cross-docs customers trade-offs

Some of the issues addressed by supply chain management (SCM) include: marketing practices
number, location, and networks of suppliers

A manager in charge of inbound logistics manages ________ related to the incoming flow of resources that a company needs to produce its goods or services. nothing    some items      everything

Statistical process control (SPC)
a process used to monitor standards, make measurements and take corrective actions as a product or service is being produced

process by which a company compares its performance with that of high-performing organizations

lean manufacturing
an operation that strives to achieve the highest possible productivity and total quality, cost effectively, by eliminating unnecessary steps in the production process and continually striving for improvement

Six Sigma
is a process improvement method that relies on customer feedback and fact-based data gathering and analysis techniques to drive process improvement. DMAIC - define, measure, anaylze, improve, and control

As a consumer, most of us would like to know which companies ensure that their products meet quality specifications. How would you find out whether a company or supplier was meeting these quality standards? Check the company website By using Six Sigma
Through the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
Cost of Internal Failure

category of cost
when defect created but identified before leaves factory, cannot be sold or used
  • scrap, rework, retesting, downtime (capacity), yield losses

Prevention cost   A cost incurred to prevent mistakes from occuring

ISO 9000 is a certification used by many companies for: International cost management
International environmental management  International quality management

The cost of prevention in the Sigma Six cost-of-quality (COQ) equation includes:   cost to verify quality practices

The ________ in the Sigma Six cost-of-quality (COQ) equation includes the internal costs before the product is sold (like waste and re-work). cost of prevention cost of manufacturing PreviousNext    cost of failure

To identify areas for improvement, companies use a technique called ________, which monitors quality by testing samples of products to determine if they meets predetermined specifications. SWOT analysis best out of three practicestatistical process control

Six Sigma practices: determine individuals best suited for success in a given job role or function emphasize a clear focus on achieving quantifiable financial returns