Introduction To Psychology psy101

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Introduction To Psychology  psy101

Cannon-Bard theory    physiological arousal and emotion occur at the same time, both then cause an action (behavior)

Mike loves his 8 a.m. General Psychology class. He doesn’t mind getting up early and he enjoys the challenge of the class. Mike’s motivation is:    Intrinsic

Who developed the self efficacy/social learning theory?   Albert Bandura

James-Lange theory   A theory which asserts that stimuli trigger activity in the autonomic nervous system, which in turn produces an emotional experience in the brain

Set Point Theory   Assertion that each individual has an ideal body weight, or set point, that is resistant to change.

Tesla crafts imitation dream catchers in her spare time. Her father constantly encourages her to sell them on eBay. When she finally agrees to sell them, she notices that while she still enjoys making the dream catchers she no longer does it for fun she does it to make money . This is an example of the ___ effect   overjustification

Motivation describes the wants or needs that direct behavior toward a goal. in the following sentence what is the motivation? Shelia wants to complete a marathon so she buys new running shoes and spends every day timing how long it takes her to run the high school track   completing a marathon

Facial Feedback Hypothesis   Facial expressions are capable of influencing our emotions 

The culture display rule is one of the culturally specific standards that govern the types and frequencies of ________ that are acceptable.  Emotion

physiological needs   lowest level in hierarchy. basic needs such as air, food, water, warmth and shelter

binge-eating disorder  an eating disorder characterized by binge eating and a lack of control over eating behavior in general

Self-worth, accomplishment, and confidence represent the ________ level of needs in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.  esteem

Which of the following describes the Yerkes-Dodson law?   Simple tasks are performed best when arousal levels are relatively high, yet complex tasks are performed best when arousal levels are low.

Who believed our motivation was controlled by instincts?   William James

Flo only cuts the grass because she gets paid. Her motivation would be considered to be:  extrinsic