SOPHIA PATHWAYS Introduction to Statistics Milestone 1

Discipline: Statistics

Type of Paper: Creative writing

Academic Level: High school

Paper Format: APA

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Ben is measuring the effect that the potential energy of an object has on the height of an object's bounce

Which variable represents the height of an object's bounce?


A researcher would like to determine which age groups (18-29, 30-49, 50-64, 65 or older) in the United States currently identify playing golf as their favorite pastime.

Which statistical study would be most appropriate to answer this question?


In a bolt-manufacturing factory, it is estimated that 6% of the bolts being manufactured will be defective, with a 3% margin of error.

Choose the statement that correctly describes the confidence interval.


Rachel, a professional bean bag athlete, throws three bean bags, aiming for the hole in the wooden board. However, her throws result in the bags spread out across the board as shown.

Which of the following best classifies the arrangement of bean bags?


A factory manufactures bolts. One of its employees, working in the quality control department, checks the first 20 bolts manufactured in a day for possible defects.

This is what type of sampling?


Jenae noticed that many of her co-workers would opt for the coffee that appeared to be most recently brewed, regardless of the flavor of the coffee offered. This leads her to believe that what she was witnessing was not really representative of everyone's true flavor preferences. She adapted her experimental study accordingly.

Select one control in Jenae's experimental study.


Which of these random samples represents a representative sample of the systolic blood pressure of all patients in a hospital?


Select the correct statement regarding experiments.


An appliance store manager noted that the sales of home appliances contributed 74% of the store's profits in the year 2010 and 82% in the year 2011.

Of the following choices, which two statements about home appliance sales are true?


The city government wants to conduct a survey on the number and types of cars owned by its residents.

How can the city use the cluster sampling method to find this information?


A scientist is conducting a study on the effect of eating chocolate and overall mood. They believe that gender is a significant factor.  The participants are divided by gender.  Then, within each group, participants are randomly assigned to consume either chocolate or a placebo and then rate their mood for the day. This experiment will run for two weeks. 

Which type of experimental design does this situation describe?


Which of the following data types will be continuous? 


Mike wants to find out the approximate income for professors in Michigan. He decides to randomly select 50 professors who work for a college or university in Michigan and obtain their salaries.

What are the sample and the population of Mike's study?


A different coffee seller offered to sell coffee to Jenae's company for half the cost of their current brand. Jenae knew her co-workers were really partial to the coffee they drank now, so she decided to conduct a study to see if they noticed the difference in flavor. Her co-workers were convinced they would.

Jenae provided each person with a sample and said that some had the new coffee and some did not. Only Jenae knew who had which brand of coffee. 

Jenae's strategy is an example of a(n) ________.


The following shows the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the years 2000-2005. All of the values use a reference year of 1983.

Which of the following is true about the CPI, based on the information?


A retail brand plans to open its stores across all cities with a population of more than one million. To prepare for this, it refers to the past year's census done by the government.

Which statement accurately describes the type of data the retail brand is using?


The manager of a food company wants to conduct a survey to find out whether consumers like or dislike a new brand of soup that was recently launched. 

Which of the following data collection methods is mostly likely to get unbiased results?


Scientists want to test a new pair of running shoes. A speed test is performed with two separate groups of participants. The treatment group will wear the new pair of running shoes, while the control group will not. It is believed that age and height may affect speed.  

Which of the following would be most effective in controlling the confounding variables, such as age and height, in this study?


On a candy production line, 3% of bags are overfilled. An employee randomly selects 100 bags and finds that 5% are overfilled. A second employees takes another random sample of 250 bags and finds that 2% are overfilled.

Which of the following explains why there is a difference between the two percentages?


In a study to assess the risk of obesity with the amount of time exercised per week, researchers matched each patient, in a sample of 500 people who are obese, with a person of the same ethnicity, gender, and age (along with other similar characteristics) who is not obese. The researchers asked the patients and their matches a series of questions, and then tracked eating and exercise habits regularly for several years.

Which type of statistical study are the researchers conducting?


A local bakery conducts a phone survey to find the most popular types of cakes. They selected 100 random phone numbers from the local telephone directory and called them.

This type of sampling method is called  __________.


Melissa is conducting a survey of her classmates because her teacher wants the class to learn more about hygiene habits. Melissa has developed a list of 10 questions. “Do you brush your teeth every day?” is the first question she asks. 

Which type of question is Melissa asking? 


Jenae's study ignored the fact that only some of her coffee choices had caffeine, even though her co-workers preferred caffeinated coffee. Therefore, Jenae decided to label one type of decaffeinated coffee as having caffeine to see what would happen.

As she anticipated, this coffee became more popular with her co-workers, and they claimed that the extra boost of caffeine helped them focus on their work.

The growing popularity of the decaffeinated coffee among co-workers, under the false impression that it gave them extra caffeine, is an example of ________.


Cindy measured and recorded the temperature of a liquid for an experiment. She used a poorly calibrated thermometer and noted the temperature as 100.5 degrees Fahrenheit. The actual temperature of the liquid was 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

The percent error in her calculation is __________.


A sports trainer is going to do an experiment on the effect of Vitamin D supplements and his athletes.  He randomly assigns all of his patients to either take Vitamin D supplements or take a placebo. 

What type of experimental design does this situation illustrate?


The manager of an amusement park conducts a survey among the people visiting the park to learn their favorite rides. Out of 100 people randomly selected to complete the survey, 25 people have chosen not to participate.

The manager's survey suffers from which of the following types of bias?


A travel agency contacted a department store and obtained the list of all people who made purchases using their credit cards at the store in the last month. The agency then surveyed a random sample from the list, calling them to ask their preference for air travel or train travel for taking holidays.

Which of the following types of bias affects the conclusions of the survey?


A pizza owner asked 50 customers to taste a new type of topping and found that 40 people liked its taste.

Which of these is an example of descriptive statistics?


A survey conducted among students in the school cafeteria asked a set of questions listed below.

Which survey question would produce a qualitative response?