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1. How is writing important to the development of civilization? Is the written word still important? Are we losing our ability to write? 2. What does the enormous amount of labor required to build something like Stonehenge say about their culture? Compare this to our “ticky-tacky” houses and strip malls, and what that says about […]

Ancient Egypt -An in class essay exam

Be prepared to answer following questions in the form of an essay. Your answer should make extensive use of primary sources (original documents, translated from ancient Egyptian or Greek), but should also put those documents into the appropriate historical and cultural context. In your exam, you may bring two pages (one page front and back, […]

Annotated bib: Ancient City Established in either the Near East or

Choose one of the following topics for Assignment #1: 1. Submit an annotated bibliography about an ancient (pre-industrial) city established in either the Near East (Mesopotamia, the Nile Valley, or the Indus Valley) or Mesoamerica (Aztec, Maya, or Inca). There should be ten (10) sources followed by a summary of each source. Do not make […]

Clothing in the prehistoric and Ancient near East eras

 Your online lessons for this week are posted in Content. 01 Prehistoric 02 Ancient Near East Also in Content you can find the syllabus, the study guide with terms, and the handouts from the first class. As you read the online lessons follow along on your study guide. For your online lesson, your assignment / […]

How did the Agriculture in Ancient Egypt thrive from the geographical

Research Paper written in Turabian Format with foot notes. How did the Agriculture in Ancient Egypt thrive from the geographical location of the its civilization and it reliance of the Nile River? Throughout history, Egypt has celebrated the relationship between the land they farm and the Nile River. What are developing factors of the relationship […]