Info Systems Analysis and Design

Informatics nurses (INs) and informatics nurse specialists (INSs) apply informatics knowledge and skills in the areas of a system development life cycle (SDLC). Graduate-level INSs are particularly well prepared for planning the process for an SDLC. They have the knowledge, skills, and competencies to effectively assume the role of project manager by facilitating interprofessional communication, managing change, and coordinating the process of implementation. Whether the project is small (e.g., departmental) or very large (e.g., system-wide), INSs are central to the success of a health information system project.

Careful planning is involved using project management techniques, such as a task/timeline for all phases of an SDLC using a Gantt chart format. Scenario: You recently earned your master’s degree in nursing informatics and have been hired as an informatics nurse specialist at a midsize rural hospital. Diabetes and high blood pressure are growing public health problems in underserved populations living in excess of 45 minutes from the hospital. Much of the population does not have access to the internet. In an effort to improve access to healthcare services and increase patient accountability in patient-physician interactions, your organization is considering the integration of a telehealth program. Your hospital currently has a modern EHR in place that allows integration across ambulatory care offices associated with the organization. As the team lead, you have been asked to identify a telehealth system that addresses the needs of your community and is compatible with your hospital’s current system. You must deliver a Gantt chart to your hospital executive leadership that arranges all the major subtasks in each of the five major phases of your SDLC (i.e., planning, analysis, design/development, implementation, and evaluation). You must complete your Gantt chart using the Microsoft Visio software or an equivalent drawing tool.

Instructions for using Microsoft Visio are provided in the virtual lab within your course. (See the “Gantt Chart in Microsoft Visio Training” web link for details.)

If you are using a different diagramming tool, you will need to find and use instructions for the tool you select. You will also present your approach to planning the SDLC to your hospital executive leadership. A. Create a Gantt chart outlining the full SDLC of the integration of your hospital’s new telehealth system that includes each of the following: • five phases of an SDLC • five major sub-tasks within each phase of the SDLC • specific start dates, finish dates, and task durations for each subtask • designated resource name • task dependencies indicated with arrows • one milestone event in each phase of an SDLC.

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